Friday, January 16, 2009

A Matter of Faith

"Let me do it by myself, Mommy," At these words from my youngest, I moved my pointer finger away from the words on the page in his reading book. "No," he grabbed my finger and put it under the next word, "leave that there, just don't help me." When we got to the next page, he said the same thing, "Still don't help me. I want to do it myself."

I was glad Timothy couldn't see the slightly amused smile on my face. Nothing had changed from the moment he began to the moment he asked me not to help him to the moment he said keep not helping me. We were still snuggled on the couch, my finger still moved from word to word waiting for him to read it. The only change was in his perception. He had moved from having faith in me to having faith in himself.

I want to move from having faith in myself to having faith in God. It may not look very different to the rest of the world whether I'm operating out of faith in my own abilities or out of a heart of faith. But the outcome is so very different. When I walk in faith, I can rest in knowing that my heavenly Father is providing for my every need. When I walk in faith, God is glorified. When I walk in faith, I produce fruit.

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Micca said...

Hi Deanna!
thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed visiting yours. Great message today!

I'm glad to hear that you,your mom and your daughter will be at the conference held the end of this month. Please introduce yourslef. I'd love to meet face to face.