Monday, September 21, 2009

Ahhhh!!!! It's already September 21! and I've only written two posts for September. I think there are a couple of problems: it takes a long time to establish a habit and I have not made blogging a habit yet, I don't have lots of brilliant and/or funny things to write about, when I do think of something brilliant and/or funny I think about how it would make a great blog post, but then I don't actually write it.

I am currently working on decluttering at my sweet husband's pushing uhhhmmmm I meant to say encouraging! Most of my books are together on the school shelves. I still have stuff sitting out that I took off the school shelves, but haven't found a home for yet. I'm going to put those things away, clean out the cabinets under the window seat and clean out the medicine cabinet (most of which has been out on the counter for the last two weeks because I was tired of stuff falling out when I opened the cabinet door!!)

Decluttering is hard for me. I get so overwhelmed by all my junk. The more I look, the more I see and I know I can't do it all--not today, not this week, and probably not this month. I can only handle small bites.

What do you need to clean out?

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