Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

What?!? It isn't Mother's Day? I'm late?---Just kidding, I know Mother's Day is always on Sunday, but I was busy yesterday enjoying being a mom. I had a most magnificent day! Three sweet babies dedicated to the Lord at church, Gabriel, Brittain, and Kaylee. Their mamas and daddies were so proud. And the mamas were beautiful, truly they glowed. Obviously, they are very happy.

(Side note-- after the dedication my youngest leaned over and whispered, "Did you dedicate us, Mama?" Then last night my oldest boy asked, "Did you dedicate us?" I told them that I dedicated them to God from the moment I knew I was going to have a baby, but there wasn't a special dedication service. I don't think they were upset. Although, the youngest shook his head and muttered, "That's just wrong!")

After church, I took the boys to the beach for a picnic lunch, time at Fort Macon and to look for shells and sea critters. I don't like to go very far out in the ocean without my sweet hubby. I'm afraid I'll lose a child, so swimming wasn't on my agenda. The boys, however, wanted to swim very much.

God made a swimming pool for them. Really! I wish I had taken the camera so I could show you. The tide was way out, but up on the beach was the biggest tide pool I've ever seen. It was as long as a football field and about half as wide. The water was up to the boys' chests and shoulders. They played there for hours.

Several times, my youngest said, "I had so much fun!" "Thank you for taking us to the beach. It was fun!" Fun, fun, fun y'all! He also said, "This was the best Mother's Day ever!!!" I had fun, too!

My sweet hubby surprised me with a grill. We are havin' pork chops tonight!!!! I have missed having a grill!!!

I ended up the day with short visits with my mother in law and mom. I really missed my other mother in law yesterday-all last week, actually. I made her fudge recipe on Saturday in her memory. It's the first time I've fixed it and I didn't cook it long enough. It was grainy, but the flavor was good.

Incidentally, it was a good day to pray for our mothers, and grandmothers, for those who've lost their mothers and for those who wanted to be mothers, but weren't able to be. It's a good day to remember and thank God for all those women who have played a role and made a difference in my life.

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