Thursday, September 9, 2010


Dear Landlord,

What did we do to offend you? Why didn't you warn us before beginning the eviction process? Under your desk was such a pleasant place to live. No one noticed us. No one bothered us. For once no discriminated against us.

Until today...

Today the books were removed from the floor. Books we lived in and around and under. Some of us were injured when our webs were ripped apart by the moving books. We had taken such care in decorating the calendar that had fallen behind your desk. drug it out with the broom and snatched it up, destroying the patterns we'd drawn in the dust. Many of us were destroyed when you brandished your broom and dustpan.

We don't know what your problem is, but we will not be recommending your accommodations to our friends. In fact, we will suggest to our cousins living in other parts of your home that they seek other places to live. We hope that you will give more consideration to them than you did to us.

Spiders and Dust Bunnies